Indy Tactical Supply is happy to provide you with shipping and receiving of firearms.  $25 to receive and $25 plus shipping fees to send to a FFL.

We provide gunsmithing services more most firearms. Shotguns, revolvers, pistols and rifles.  Don't get in over your head trying to repair your own firearm.  We also provide an AR15 assembly service, you provide the parts and we put it together.

“The guys worked so hard to make sure that I understood everything about the pistol that I purchased before I walked out the door."

Annie Rae

Mooresville, IN

The service and knowledge these guys provide is outstanding.  They truely care about the customer and spend a lot of time teaching and explaining."


Scott Gates

Indianapolis, IN

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Indy Tactical Supply               Phone (317) 831-9811                 

Fax     (317) 831-9812


Downtown Mooresville, just 15 minutes off 465 or I-70

21 West Main Street, Mooresville, IN  46158


Closed Sunday's

Monday 1pm-6pm

Tuesday thru Friday 11am-6pm

Saturday 11am-5pm

Indy Tactical Supply is a firefighter owned and operated full service firearms shop in the heart of Mooresville, Indiana.  We are known for our great prices on both new and used firearms.  We perform the best Cerakote application, trigger jobs and overall gunsmithing in the Indianapolis area.


--In the future we hope to offer classes on firearm safety, basic shooting and even cartridge reloading.

Gunsmithing in Indianapolis